Sat. May 25th, 2019

Games for Coin

We have a wide range of Games to play for coin everyday. Also clicking on more then 10 pages will also earn you coin.

How To Play?

Enter your BTC address below for a chance to claim Satoshi prizes!.
Register click here to register for Lucky Bitcoin Game 
You will have the chance to win between 1 to 1000 satoshi.
You can play every 60 minutes.

Reader’s Bonus

For every 20 pages viewed you will receive a reward!
Look to the bottom left where you see the Bitcoin symbol.
When it reaches 20/20 you are able to claim 500 Satoshi.
You may claim this bonus 1 time, every 24 hours.
Come back every day to read new articles.
Click here to start reading now
You must remain on the page to read the entire article.
Quickly closed pages will not count.
You may read the same articles over again will count.

Register with, than use your Bitcoin address to collect game bonuses.

Select any of the following games to collect bitcoin.

Free BTC Just enter wallet id and hit claim

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